About Us

“Fluoressence” was created by Ronald Guzman and Jennifer Clayton in March of 2003. The company name was chosen because of the soothing essence and fluorescent properties of the crystals and minerals. As luck would have it, around 70% of our specimens fluoresce.

Jennifer has an M.A. in Spanish and has taught Spanish classes for over 35 years, as well as English classes in Mexico and English as a Second Language in Austin, Texas. She has traveled extensively in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries, in many cases leading group tours to various sites in Mexico, but has never been to Cancun!

Ronald’s Spanish-speaking travels include the Bronx, Brooklyn, Florida, Texas, and now, Mexico. Ron’s Spanish has grown with each journey into the mining areas. His vocabulary has advanced way beyond, “Una mas cerveza, por favor.”

Combining Jennifer’s Spanish-speaking skills, knowledge of Mexican culture and positive energies with Ron’s exuberance, creativity and love of Mother Earth, “Fluoressence” was started. We are members of the Austin Gem and Mineral Society, the Fluoresent Mineral Society, and several other crystal and mineral groups.