The energies of Mother Nature have stimulated the creative energies of “FluorEssence”. We are delighted to be able to offer the beauties of Mother Earth in a variety of ways.

Whether it is a lamp for your home, office or garden; or, cabinet handles and drawer pulls to accent your kitchen or bathroom; natural stone beer tap handles to accentuate your bar; or, a variety of other unique products, “ FluorEssence” believes that we have some item that will truly delight and soothe you.


FluorEssence’s goal is to get these beautiful minerals in your home by always creating and developing different products.

FluorEssence natural mineral and crystal drawer pulls and cabinet handles are unique, sturdy and beautiful. The variety of minerals and crystals we can use to make these items is enormous. We like using onyxes, calcites and even the very unique Musquiz (Mexico) fluorite on our basic stock. However, if you have a special mineral in mind, please ask. If we feel that we could not make a superior handle or pull with your request, or the material is not available or cost effective, we will let you know.

Tap Handles: “Tap into Nature”

Release your all natural homebrew with an authentic stone tap handle…

FluorEssence tap handles are shaped from many varieties of natural stone from Mother Earth’s huge assortment of minerals. Our stock inventory usually consists of different calcites and onyxes. Contact us if you have a special mineral request.

Our beautiful beer tap handles range from 4-6” in height; 2-4” in width and are 1 ¼” in thickness. Each handle has its own identity. If you wish to have a custom-shaped tap handle, contact us for more information.

Accentuate the flow of your brew! Our basic stock handle is $34.99.